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The Indicators of Health provide a measure for that health status of an Individual, Group, Community or even a Country and to compare it with other similar parameters that really help us to learn the best as well as poorly assessed areas as well as allocate more resources towards ill health insurance and and also to monitor and re-evaluate whether or not the ill are progressing towards a healthy status and to know what all measures has to be done. Put simply we know the objectives and targets of an particular programme being implemented into the attainment of better Body and Hospital goals. Indicators are thought as Variables through the World Health Organisation which have an unfavorable range as well as a Positive range in probable observations. This provides you with a perception about how precisely the progress of any particular programme should go and when these indicators are measured periodically and sequentially after some time, they might indicate direction and speed of change and will assist with compare the health warning signs of different categories of people, communities or countries.