Best tens unit for RLS

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Best TENS Unit for RLS - Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) is a deep nerves it lurks in disorder that causes unpleasant sensations throughout legs or other limbs and interferes with sleep. The specific reason for RLS is not known, and it also may occur for no known reason or function as the result of another underlying medical condition or treatment. Numerous treatments exist for RLS, including massage, hot compresses, mineral supplementation, medications and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, or TENSmachine.

A TENS unit is truly a device that is attached to the skin so that you can send electrical signals to portions of a typical body. TENS units are said to help these symptoms of RLS by blocking pain signals. After testing many devices many chiropractors are finding the AURA WAVE TENS UNIT for being recommended throughout remedy for restless preliminary

What is especially good in regards to the aura wave unit, its one of a number of FDA approved home tens units also it is recommended by American chjiropractors Instructions for utilizing the Best TENS Unit for RLS

1 Have knowledge of the problems of RLS before considering electric nerve stimulation therapy as a remedy. Symptoms include creeping, crawling or tingling sensations within the legs which are usually relieved by activity. Symptoms of RLS are typically worse afer work hours as well as throughout bouts of inactivity, plus some sufferers may experience involuntary leg movements during sleep and maybe have a family history of RLS. 2 Speak to your health care provider of your new symptoms and about using electric nerve stimulation as a remedy. Certain treatable medical conditions may be regarding RLS symptoms, along with your doctor may want to do a little tests to rule out those conditions before prescribing any type of treatment. It truly is likely that you may be required to keep your iron levels checked, and you may receive and EMG and EEG to check for unusual nerve activity in your legs and rule out epilepsy. A tens unitcan be dangerous in those diagnosed with epilepsy. 3 Seek advice from your treating physician in regards to the most convenient way to own a AURA WAVE tens unit for relief within your RLS symptoms. Your physician will discuss with you any components and unwanted effects regarding your actual medical history. 4 Test the battery pack in your TENS unit to generate certain it is fully charged before using the tens unit initially. Your TENS unit should have two control knobs. The earliest control knob controls the potency of the electrical signals, even though the second knob controls the signal speed. The control knob should be in the "OFF" position before you begin treatment. 5 Carefully clean the entire area in which the electrodes will certainly be attached. It is best to use rubbing alcohol, as it leaves no residue and dries quickly. Your skin should be completely dry before proceeding. 6 Place a thin coat of gel manufactured for use with the TENS unit on your underside of each and every electrode. If gel has no your prescription, call your doctor to ask which specific gel is right in your treatment. The gel enables the electrical signals which will deliver you to nerves within the skin. 7 Include the electrodes during your legs and work with tape to illuminate them. It is essential which the electrodes remain firmly set up during treatment. Should you be unable to reach the area being treated, have a friend or family member be of some help. 8 Attach the pin connectors located on the end of the electrode wires towards the electrodes. Then, plug the wires on the Best TENS Unit for RLS 9 Turn the control knobs to the prescribed or desired setting. Your doctor require to have instructed you to understand settings are right for your specific treatment. In the event the electrical signals are sufficiently strong, you ought to feel a tingling in the affected area. 10 Switch the TENS unit off after 15 or thirty minutes, or anything length of time has long been prescribed. You'll unplug the electrode wires out of your unit. Remove the electrodes and wash the world exactly where the electrodes were attached to your facial skin. 11 Clean the tens unit electrodes using soap and water to eliminate any remaining traces of gel. Never use alcohol to wipe out the electrodes, because this will damage the rubber. Dispose of the battery from a TENS unit and allow them demand compensation for future treatment