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dodge - The history of petrol engines may be dated all the way returning to the 19th century if the first single cylinder engine was made. This also marked the integration of the "carburetor" into the design of automotive engines. Further improvements within the design resulted in multi cylinder petrol engines, however, the maximum innovation to be built-into petrol engine design ended in the 80's by BMW once they created a system which controlled the fuel injection, ventilation and the ignition sparks from the engine. Further refinements and iterations in this design have led to a system which has replaced carburetors in modern petrol engines. This computerized system is known as an Engine Control Unit also it consists of an array of sensors utilized to monitor various exhaust parameters.

Engine control units seen in modern cars are responsible for monitoring and operating every function of an internal combustion engine, from changing the valve timing to controlling the amount of fuel that's injected based on a few different parameters, the ECU is widely considered your brain of modern automobiles. The Chrysler 300m ECU is located at the rear of the engine bay, at the rear of the center of the dashboard.

jeep - The Chrysler 300m ECU is responsible for controlling the various parameters of car engines like the air/fuel mixture, the valve timing and also the timing of the spark ignition. Unlike other ECUs, which have a fixed number of engine parameters and mainly control the total amount and air and fuel that switches into the combustion chamber, the Chrysler 300m ECU can be a highly advanced control module and is able to control a vast array of engine parameters to improve the power and efficiency of the engine. The Chrysler 300m ECU is really a sophisticated computerized device which monitors the engine performance and adjusts it in accordance with predefined performance maps stored about the onboard chip with the ECU. The Chrysler 300m ECU communicates with the throttle position sensor as well as the Mass air flow sensor to find out the amount of air which is being sucked into the engine and adjusts the amount of fuel accordingly. This not just provides a substantial rise in power, but it also raises the economy of the vehicle. Utilizing this ECU, Chrysler features a new technology referred to as cylinder deactivation which basically involves shutting off several cylinders of the engine if the vehicle is cruising. This know-how not allows for huge fuel savings without having to sacrifice any power by opting for a smaller engine.

The chrysler 300, engine control unit can be capable of eliminating engine "knocking". Engine knock is the phenomenon in which the petrol undergoes combustion before being ignited by the spark plugs, and thus, knocking can cause significant amounts of damage to the engine. However, when the Chrysler 300m ECU detects an imminent knocking effect, it adjusts the valve timing and delays it by a few milliseconds in order to avoid premature combustion with the fuel. The Chrysler 300m engine control module greatly increases the power, fuel economy and efficiency from the engine and the effectiveness of this device is evident looking at the widespread adoption