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If you ever want to show off your dart tossing skills with some friends, half the battle is getting the right darts. They need to be balanced correctly so that your throw is as accurate as it should be. At Nodor darts, quality is ensured to make sure that you get the most reliable darts that will give you a bulls-eye every time that you throw one that should be. Nothing is more infuriating than having a perfect throw but imperfect darts that mess you up, stopping you from getting that perfect score.

Choose Your Dart Package

Nodor darts come in a special color coded package that helps customers choose the best darts for their particular throwing style. For example, if you wanted darts that are made from brass, you would want to go with the yellow-colored packing that show buyers that the darts contained inside are made of your selected brass material. The other colors that you can choose from are orange, red, blue, and silver. This doesn't determine the dart's color, but the type of Nodor dart, so keep this in mind before purchasing. The packaging is clear though, so you should be able to see the darts before you buy them. Each package of darts comes with three individual Nodor Darts that are tested for quality assurance. You can also choose just to buy dart barrels rather then the entire dart, which is a unique option offered by Nodor.

Nodor Dart Boards

You can't successfully throw darts without a good dart board, or at least you can't keep score without one. Nodor dart boards are technically enhanced to make sure that the dart boards can absorb the impact from the throw and hold the dart in the board, rather than allowing it to flimsily falling down to the floor. The dartboards are made from quality materials and are held together with quality. There are no staples or unsightly objects keeping these boards from falling apart, after all, that isn't something that a quality dartboard company should offer their customers.


All of the products here are fairly priced and are of the best quality that money can buy. Dart throwing is part skill and part dart quality, so keep this in mind before you simply just walk away and decide that you don't need fancy dart equipment. Without the proper equipment, you will not be able to hit that bulls-eye as many times as you would like and you will not look as skilled in front of your friends. Heck, you may even be able to pick up a new lady friend with your awesome skills. Do you really want to pass up that opportunity?