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A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I were waiting for my mom in the car. Its L. A. so planes and helicopters are always flying about. As i looked up I saw this rectangle shape darker compared to night sky. It had bluish-green lights and it just flew up in a split second. Its hard to explain what it looked like but it just appeared outta nowhere and disappeared.

My boyfriend said, oh crap! did you see that? I was puzzled but I called norway Voices of the Deadmy brother immediately and told him what we had just seen. I posted it up on myspace but nobody had seen it. And I know for a fact it wasn't a kite or nothing beats that. It might sound unreal but trust me I saw it and so did my boyfriend.

The rise of paranormal reality shows has brought a heightened fascination with EVP's. There are now many people who attempt to communicate with a recording device to see exactly what do be heard later. By doing this, you should keep in mind that digital recorders pick up absolutely every sound.

Learn how various things sound on your recording device. A stomach rumble can sound like a growl, a sliding chair may be matrixed in to a one syllable word, and background noises [ The Alien and UFO Factor]can be amplified to the point where they are much louder on tape.

When conducting an EVP session, announce time of day, date, conditions of the weather and barometric pressures, as this will be helpful when reviewing the data. Never whisper... if you must speak, use your normal modulation of voice. A whisper The Paranormal Surveyby a human source may not be remembered, so all "living" voices must be announced and identified as not to cause confusion when listening later.