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Orland DUI Penalities And How They Stack Up To The Stringent DUI Laws Of Other States While it may seem like an innocuous charge, driving under the influence is actually a very serious offense that can have very damaging effects on an individual's life. This is especially true if there is a continued disregard for the law. There are exceedingly specific grounds in Orlando, Florida before a person will be charged with DUI, which will ultimately trigger court hearings to determine the accused's innocence of guilt. For repeat offenders, Orland DUI penalties are far more severe in comparison to penalties for first-time offenders.

According to Dui lawyers orlando , those drivers under the age of 21 who operate an automobile with a blood alcohol reading as low as 0.02% can be charged with driving under the influence. If the blood alcohol reading reaches 0.08% the individual is understood to be drunk driving. It is then possible to charge the driver immediately. Likely DUI drivers may be spotted by officers based upon their irregular behavior while on the road such as consistently swerving while driving or speeding. When inspected more closely, the odor of alcohol is likely to be present as will additional identifiers of intoxication. Drivers who are suspected of DUI must submit to blood alcohol testing. If they do not, these individuals may face a license suspension for up to a year. Drivers with blood alcohol concentrations that are exceedingly high may also have their licenses suspended or revoked outright. The severity of the penalties that will be applied are usually determined on an individual basis.

Other states have started to impose a variety of different penalties for drivers with multiple DUI charges. These can include vehicle confiscation, either for a specified time period or permanently, and systems for ignition interlock. This last penalty requires drunk drivers to install devices into their automobiles that will prevent operation unless the driver passes an attached breathalyzer test.

While certainly creative, these approaches have not seen their implementation in Florida as of yet, given the alternative measures that the state of Florida already employs. Orland DUI penalties tend to be a bit more lenient in that they are intended to educate offenders rather than imposing harsh sanctions. Seminars on alcohol must be completed by drivers who are convicted in which they will learn about the harmful effects of alcohol and why DUI laws are so important. Florida DUI drivers may be additionally given treatment for alcohol addiction or undergo preventative assessments. The state of Florida is a firm believer in changing negative events into positive ones, such as using DUI charges as an opportunity to provide relevant education that will enable drivers to appreciate the need for sober driving.