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Duplicate your efforts - Do you want to get the maximum result from minimum effort and investment? Do you need more from your web business? If you want more traffic, more products, more clients, plus more money, duplication is paramount to gaining leverage. This short article describes how to duplicate your time and energy to create more with less effort by you. Work smart!

For those who have created a digital information product, then you've an asset that can branch into services very easily. First, consider all of the information formats available today. For example, you can start using a DVD program. That is one product. Now take into consideration stripping the audio in the DVD and create a CD after which a MP3. Now you have two more products. Go ahead and take audio and stream teleconference recordings. Use this to host a paid teleseminar. Now you must 3 products born out of your original DVD. Take the content from your DVD and turn it into an ebook, a white paper, and digital book (Amazon, Kindle, etc.). Thus giving you at least 3 more products. Blog concerning the content and promote your products from that platform. Take your details and give live seminars. Next, you are ready to provide coaching services depending on this information and subject. You may also develop a member site for the clients. Now you have 10 approaches to make money from your original product. 10 streams of revenue, spun from one effort. That's LEVERAGE!!!!

home based business internet - Now take into consideration taking the products you've created and combine these to create more products. You are able to combine a Disc, that is another product. Next, combine a CD, DVD along with a book, and you have one more product. Create a package of 10 teleconference sessions into one 10 CD set, and provide coaching with it, which is another product. Don't stop there; there are many other ways to combine your information products and services.

building your network - While you begin to get your message out concerning your products, duplicate those efforts as well. Duplicate your message in various formats. Use email, Pay per click, mobile texts, social media marketing listings (There are 50 of which), webinars, post cards, live events, teleseminars, video sites (You can find 50 of them), audio, chats, JV efforts, autoresponder campaigns, training programs, articles, PR campaigns, telephone campaigns, TV and Radio campaigns, magazine and newspaper articles. Create multiple webpages. Try to develop at least 4 niche market sites per product. That's LEVERAGE!!!!