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I grew up back in the 80s, when if you wished to know a game's story, yougenerally had to read the information. Sometimes, there was no account, and your only objective was to blow up all of the inward UFOs, or bounce a square "ball" around. Few would argue that gameshave not become difficult. Today, I will be reviewing myexperiences with a site called Friv Games (or Juegos Friv- doesn't which have a good band to it?) I will be offering my views on the activities Ifound most fascinating, as well as my experiences with the website as a whole.

Friv Games does not spend your time with a longflash introduction, ads or other junk.As an alternative, they jump straight into the motionby offering every sport in their library on one monitor. You just hover your cursor over agame symbol to learn its name, and press to start playing. The site demonstrates to you the controls you need to know, usually just a couple of keys, beside the game itself. You arebasically only a click far from over 260games. I've to say I am pleased at how successful it really is. You do not generally see this type of straightforward approach on anything but a membership site. FrivGames, however, is providing these games at no cost. Goodmethod!

Now, let's have a look at a few games I found interesting on Friv Games. First up, we have "Cover Orange", a science challenge where you make an effort to usefalling objects to knock a grinning red off thebase of the display. This one is really a brain-teaser! I was also ratherfascinated by "Iron Turtle", which is enjoyed bydriving a turtle-like container via a group ofincreasingly difficult challenge areas. You are able tocustomize your container as well as pick between various sets of rules. That onekept me busy for some time!

The game "Sketch Quest" places you in the shoes of a character walking around in a drawn world on a sheet of lined paper. You have to evade obstructions and enemies to get to your objective. Goodgraphic style in this one. The sport "Legend of Johnny" provides you with control of a fellow in a snazzy coat with a big sword and a pistol fighting his way via an apocalyptic city to thebeat of heavy metal and the occasional jazz number.

"Sasha's Health Spa" is an activity where you help your clients relax. And thisgame is very comforting in and of itself. It reminds me a little "The Sims". "Heist" places you in the role of a thiefrobbing all the loot before time runs out he is able to.

It seems that Friv Games has attempted to attract aswide a market as possible. From action activities to style games, they've got just about every base covered. Congratulations on getting my newfavorite activity site!


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