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I was having a sleep over at my most readily useful friend's house also it was the very first time I had ever been there. When I obtained there we went straight back to her bedroom and started playing the stereo loud enough to drown out everything else in her house and we just sat on the floor and talked. Then she said about her house being "haunted. " I didn't believe her since the story she had said was that after she broke her arm and had to remain home she saw a ghost walk across the kitchen floor and out leading door. This story did not convince me because I figured that she probably was taking pain killers of some kind when it happened so she may have been seeing things.

Later on she called her cousin Scary Sleepover Stories to come over therefore he came and brought his brother with him, who is exactly the same age as we were. Then she told them to tell me in regards to the ghost they saw in her basement which convinced me a little more, but not much.

After they left we went into the family room and watched t. v. however when she went along to get us some pizza from the kitchen I felt like I was being watched therefore i turned around and I saw a man's faceAmerican Shamanism outside the window of the door that I was sitting close to. Well, that was weird, maybe it was reflection. I told my friend about this so we ate our pizza in her room alternatively and watched a movie until we fell asleep.

Then, something poked me in the ribs. Assuming it had been my friend I smacked her only to realize that her hands were under her pillow and I had just woke her up. Now I definitely believed her about the whole ghost thing, but wait, it gets creepier.

In the morning she asked her dad if he thought their house was haunted and he said he had seen a Imaginary Friend or Ghost? in her room a few weeks before.