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A good number of facts regarding MANGAL DOSHA

There is different regarding impression whether Mangal Dosha starts through very first Property of Following House and also Both. Most people experience together Properties needs to be taken into consideration since Mars is a similar inside North in addition to South India. Your own opinions are generally pleasant. Several facets with regards to one (Mounting Ascendant (Lagna) Sagittarius is given here with reference to Mars in 2nd House.

Mounting Sign Sagittarius (Dhanu) Mars in the second house Capricorn (Makara)

Mars is exalted in this article and in addition being Dhanu's adept Jupiter's good friend will cause minor dosha. Your local will certainly hurt his name on account of tactless conversational and also conversational is going to be influenced (un-thoughtful utterance). You will have stress from the career entrance as well as provider issues.

Remedial Determine: Just about every Wednesday worship Lord Hanuman. Offer bloom mala on the birth and labor star (Labor and birth Nakshatra) on a monthly basis. Use a red coral in the band children's finger. Also Observe strict morals along with honesty along with keep fast upon Tuesdays.

Mars inside 4th House Pisces (Meena)

Mars within Jupiter's residence creates hardly any Shani Dosha . But you will have tensions within spouse and children life and there may be chance for accidents on account of cars or trucks. Remedial Measures: Offer honest prayers in order to Adept Dakshinamoorthy just about every Thursday. Observe rapidly upon Thursdays in addition to offer alms in order to 4 Brahmins.

Mars in the 7th/8th property (Mithuna/Karkata) Gemini/Cancer Mars inside an inimical sign may give postponed relationship to the one they prefers and also the marriage begins in love nonetheless sours in thanks training course on account of incompatibility about several issues. Nonetheless, that marriage produces good results to be able to together wifes too. Malignancy (Kataka) will be the house regarding debilitation with regard to Mars in addition to although Mars is considered to cause Chandra Dosha , this specific place seriously isn't many advisable. Mars in this article will influence extended life along with health. But this specific place of Mars may give much wealth very. Remedial Actions: The Significant other should use any reddish coral within diamond ring hand. Rapid upon Wednesdays in addition to offer praying in order to Adept Balaji regarding Tirupati. Present choices to be able to Your pet routinely. Keep some amount of money make time for intended for remedial actions. Accomplish abhishek to be able to Master Shiva.

Mars in the twelfth PROPERTY (Vrischika) Scorpio In this article Mars will do minor injury since he or she is that adept regarding Vrischika own sign. Nonetheless this will bring about spouse and children stress along with squabbles, It will have npcs along with eyesight troubles also. Even so this specific location helps one to progress in yogic methods. Remedial Actions: Using a bright coral and make use of reddish cloth is helpful. Recite your Mantra Om Hreem Kreem Hreem Subramanya Namaha 1008 times regular in addition to fasting about Tuesdays.