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Many people who learned about the words Frugal living imagine somebody surviving in darkness, eating only canned meals and suffering to avoid wasting a few dollars. That's simply not true. Frugal living isn't about suffering in order to save, depriving yourself of stuff you love for the sake to be frugal. It is about making smart financial decisions and spending less, so you can live the life you want to live without having to work two jobs to afford it.

Frugal living means knowing when and how much you should devote to something you want. By learning to live frugally you'll not pay over the top for something which isn't worth it... or are available cheaper somewhere else or by utilizing coupons and rebates. It really is making a conscious effort to commit to smarter spending, even when that includes planning what you're going to buy, stockpiling food if this can be bought cheap and getting things you don't need right now only when the price is right.

Frugal living can also be closely related to eco-friendly lifestyles, because senseless consumerism isn't part of the deal. Rather than buying, buying, and purchasing, the frugal lifestyle encourages repairing, cleaning and treating things carefully so they have a longer life. In many cases, it also encourages better consumer decisions, because an item's value also considers how long it is going to last. Investing in a cheap t-shirt that will last 5 washes, or a slightly more expensive one on a sale, that will last several seasons? It is possible to guess which of the two options matches the frugal living lifestyle better.

Austerity - Living frugally takes more effort than just taking the easy route and spending without thinking, but it also has many benefits. All that money you save by using coupons can go towards paying off your debts, or your mortgage, years before you are supposed to. It can also help keeping you off debt, and that is extremely important because understanding that you are in control of your money means you will live a far more secure and happier life. Which is also kinder towards the environment, so what's never to like?