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Contact: Simon Shannon Joelocal Pty. Ltd 1800 868 305 Sydney, NSW - Internet sensation Joe Local will Launch the first of its highly anticipated Rubbish Removal directories in Sydney later this month. Companies who are currently working in the rubbish removal industry from around Sydney urged to take up this new and exciting offer, starting on 1/3/2012. As a result of this announcement frequent users of the net can expect search terms which are looking for to be more relevant and specific, including “Rubbish Removal Sydney”, “ rubbish removal blacktown ”, “ rubbish removal maroubra junction ” and “Garbage Collection” Joe Local is offering up relevant content in the face of growing discontent amongst internet users who are constantly being directed to irrelevant information when they type in a search result. This is certain to give the user a less frustrating time, especially when they are in a rush for important information. “Up until now, the internet was in real danger of becoming completely irrelevant” says Joanna Jakus, Chief financial controller of Joe Local Australia. “what can anybody hope to find when search engines are failing in their duty to effectively screen out the effects of mass marketing from aggressive online directories?”. Getting involved with the new Joe Local Rubbish Removal Directory is now possible for all regions in Sydney. Ms Jakus is urging all perspective clients to get in quick, forcing the point that only one opening is available for each region. Ms Jakus announced yesterday at a invite only press conference, that to qualify for this listing, as a pre-requisite Rubbish Removal contractors must demonstrate reliability, with preferably 5 years experience removing rubbish from local homes and businesses, as well as having proper insurances and if possible offer a variety of customer references